I’ll never forget the way you looked at me that made me feel so special. All the words you said to me that melted my heart, the way you put me before everything else. But also, I’ll never forget the way you tore me apart, the way you left me like it didn’t matter. I’m not sure which is worse, the fact that you destroyed me or the fact that I thought you never would.
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He told me he loved me and I could never do that to someone."
“Do what exactly?” She asked
“Saying something like that and not mean it. And I guess that’s what makes it so hard for me to understand. I can’t believe someone could ever do that to me. Making me feel wanted and then just leave


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if you have a dog chances are im already in love with you

i don’t need you
to fight my battles,
i just need
for you to be there
when my hands
begin to tremble
and my voice breaks,
to help me
steady my sword
and teach me
how to roar.

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“I’d rather cuddles than sex”


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